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What Changes Will 5G Bring To Our Lives?
Aug 15, 2018

What changes will 5G bring to our lives?

5G will change the rules of the game and will change the life.

In order to meet the arrival of a new era, Hong Kong has formulated a "smart city blueprint" with the goal of accelerating the launch of 5G networks. According to the plan, Hong Kong will provide 5G services in 2020.

So what is the role of 5G in the Internet of Things? What is the use for the public?

Faster pace of life

First, once the 5G is launched, the networked devices communicate is faster when the throughput is higher.

In the 3G era, it takes about one day to download a movie, and minutes in the 4G era. In the 5G era, the time to download movies on mobile devices is further shorte/ned, in seconds.

In the next five years, the number of connected devices will increase by four times. The more connected devices, the more practical. When we drive home, we can check the traffic conditions and look for parking spaces.

Hugh Chow, CEO of the Hong Kong Institute of Applied Science and Technology, said that when we go to the hospital to see a doctor, we can know how long we have to wait.

Can 5G solve the traffic problem?

Cars are becoming smarter and the number of traffic accidents is reduced.

Samsung's subsidiary Harman believes that the 5G network is faster and has deeper coverage. With the support of 5G, the cars on the road can be interconnected and exchange data. If there is a possibility of collision, the car will warn and even change the traffic light timing.

Harman also believes that the 5G quasi-program will not operate like an "island" but will become part of a massive interconnected transportation system.

The data center supports cars and responds faster, making cars safer.

Accenture Strategy pointed out in the report that 5G can shorten urban commuting time, enhance public safety and improve smart grid efficiency.

Wear health monitoring equipment

If there is an accident in the community, it can transmit accurate location information faster, and you can use the existing alarm system to post more information, such as telling everyone that the typhoon is coming.

Qualcomm believes that 5G can make us healthier because we can build a “medical network”, which is an ecosystem consisting of massive low-energy, low-rate networking devices such as medical health monitoring equipment, clinic wearables, and remote sensor.

Doctors can use the device to continuously collect patient medical data, such as life characteristics, physical activity and other data, even if the patient has no medication.

Data is quickly transmitted to health care providers in real time, and providers can improve management efficiency and adjust treatments in a timely manner.

Qualcomm also said that with data support, we can conduct predictive analysis, which can improve the accuracy of doctors' diagnosis and identify emergency health characterizations at a faster rate.

Innovation is easier

What changes will 5G bring to the home? We can control the home appliances with ease. For example, the stove can provide cooking advice. The refrigerator will remind us whether the food is almost expired. What is the difference in the 5G era?

According to Mantosh Malhotra, president of Qualcomm Southeast Asia, 5G connects every device in the smart home, becomes a unified body, and optimizes the daily experience for the host.

He said: "Download speeds reach several Gbps, and the delay time is extremely short, so that smart homes can become immersive and seamlessly connected living spaces, providing space for innovative experiences, such as AR."

In addition, with 5G, manufacturers can quickly transfer AI from the cloud to the device, enhance personalized technologies such as virtual assistants, and protect sensitive data from leaving the device.”

“Also, 5G throughput increases. At home, we can manage more connected devices and manage more diversely. For example, we can let the security system identify the homeowner and communicate with different door locks to activate the lighting system.”

MeiKei Ieong, CTO of the Hong Kong Institute of Applied Science and Technology, believes that with new technology, smart homes will be much more efficient than before.

MeiKei Ieong pointed out that the 5G network is ultra-stable, ultra-low latency, and has many Internet of Things functions. The coverage of sensors for home networking devices is greatly expanded, and we can control the home hub from a remote location in a more stable manner at a faster speed.

Because the bandwidth is greatly improved, the home entertainment experience will be more abundant. When you pick up the VR device to watch sports programs, you will feel immersive.

Make your home safer

5G can also make your family safer. The network can find some problems early, such as gas leaks. If an accident occurs, you can seek help in time.

Ieong believes that 5G has great potential in health care.

If you can remotely monitor your family's health, the elderly can live longer at home and there is no need to live in a nursing home early.

Malhotra believes that 5G can make life more environmentally friendly. He said: "Using 5G technology to make smart homes more environmentally friendly is an opportunity."

“For example, a smart home meter can be connected to the central grid, which can analyze the use of electricity and then come up with a solution. There is no need to predict demand and ultimately reduce waste.”

“We can also apply 5G to networked irrigation systems and water heating systems, which can be precisely adjusted to meet the needs of the home, reducing energy consumption and reducing energy demand.”

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